Legal matters can be incredibly stressful depending upon the circumstances, often making your wardrobe the least of your concerns. This article will help you choose the right outfit.

What to Wear

When choosing your court room outfit, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Dress like you are attending either church, a job interview or an interview to adopt a child.
  • Go for something conservative.
  • Choose something that is reasonably comfortable; you may be in Court all day and you want to be able sit, stand and walk without feeling restricted.
  • If you do not have a nice suit, “office casual” outfits may be acceptable.
  • Choose items of clothing that are clean, with wrinkles pressed out, and are not overly worn or thread bare.
  • Be sure to be showered, brush your teeth, wear deodorant and make yourself neat, clean and presentable.
  • Should you choose to wear makeup, do so modestly and go for a more natural look.

What NOT to Wear

As you choose your court room outfit, keeping the following types of clothing out of the ensemble:

  • Do not wear a bright or bold pattern such as a Hawaiian flower printed shirt.
  • Avoid clothing with threatening or bold messages printed on them such as “Only God can Judge me”, as you may make a negative impression on the Judge.
  • Avoid overly casual clothing such as a t-shirt, denim, flip-flops or pajamas.
  • Revealing clothing, such as shorts, a short skirt, transparent clothing, a tank top, or a spaghetti strap top should never be worn.
  • Avoid bad hygiene practices, such as not showering, skipping brushing your teeth or wearing deodorant.
  • Avoid dramatic or bold makeup.

Why Does My Court Outfit Matter?

The outfit you choose to wear to court matters because you need to make a good impression to the Judge, which not only includes being well spoken, but also being well dressed and hygienic.
Not only is your court room outfit is important because you need to present well in Court, but if your outfit is inappropriate, you may not be permitted to enter the Court room at all! With all the preparation, time and money associated with litigation, dressing appropriately is a simple way to help the day your case is heard go more smoothly.


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