If you have knowledge that your former spouse uses marijuana and are concerned about their ability to care for the children of the marriage as a result, Michelle Hopkins and her legal team are ready to help. Experienced in formatting custody arrangements for the protection of children, the Hopkins Law Team has a variety of legal options for client consideration to assist in offering peace of mind during their former spouse’s custodial time.

While there are many legal options available to offer protection to children, Michelle Hopkins wants clients to know that marijuana use will not bar a parent from visitation with their child. In cases where drug use is a concern, a parent may undergo regular drug testing, they may be ordered to undergo a drug treatment program and their visitation may occur at a supervised visitation center, or at the home of a trusted relative or third party, instead of at that parent’s home.

Clients must also keep in mind that marijuana use does not allow for visitation to be withheld from a former spouse. Clients should be prepared to continue custodial exchanges in the interim of any pending legal actions.

In the event of a concern of a parent being under the influence of marijuana or any other drug when they arrive to pick up minor children for visitation, the involvement of law enforcement and a subsequent legal consultation is recommended.

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Children being in the custody of a partner who is using marijuana is concerning and warrants a strong legal team for their protection. Michelle Hopkins and her legal team are ready to assist you with protecting your children to the full extent of Virginia law. Contact her office at or 571-248-2210 to schedule a consultation today.

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