Military divorces may create more unique circumstances than civilian divorces which require an understanding and expertise, such as:


If a military family has lived in a variety of locations as the spouse was deployed for their service assignments, the first question may be in which jurisdiction is appropriate to file the divorce. If you are unsure in which jurisdiction to file, call 571-248-2210 to schedule a consultation with Michelle Hopkins before filing, because it is much simpler and less expensive to file in the right jurisdiction the first time than have to refile in the correct jurisdiction.


Traditional civilian custodial arrangements may not work for active military service members. Michelle Hopkins and her team are ready to assist you with preparing a custom custody schedule that suits your family’s individual needs.


The amount that a civilian spouse receives from their military spouse’s retirement account depends upon the overlapping length of the marriage and of the military service.

The division of military retirement accounts may be complicated for someone to manage who does not have experience preparing qualified domestic relations order(s) (QDRO(s)). These orders must be prepared to divide any retirement account. Michelle Hopkins and her legal team have extensive experience preparing these orders and they are ready to assist you with the preparation of yours.

Health insurance.

Health insurance coverage is a frequent concern in military divorces. Depending upon the length of the marriage, the civilian spouse may still have access to Tricare. Michelle Hopkins has considerable knowledge to assist her clients with the health care coverage aspect of their divorces.

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When searching for a military divorce lawyer in Virginia, you will want to speak with Michelle Hopkins. She is highly experienced in military divorces, not only from handling military divorces for both service members and their spouses, but also due to personal experience, as she herself had a military divorce. This makes her an excellent choice to be the lawyer to handle yours. Contact her office at or 571-248-2210 to schedule a consultation today.

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