Every pet parent’s nightmare is being unable to care for their beloved companion; but there are ways to prepare for that worst case scenario. Give yourself peace of mind by establishing a trust for your pets.

What does a pet trust do?

A pet trust makes arrangements for the care of your pets in the event of your incapacitation or death. Pet parents utilize these special trusts to formally assign a caregiver for their pets, ensure that there is money for their care which is protected for their benefit, and to specify wishes for the care of their pets.

Why do I need a pet trust?

Animals simply cannot speak up for themselves when they need help. Establishing a pet trust allows you to continue caring for and advocating for your pets even when you are no longer able to do so. This is especially important for animals with special needs who would be difficult to re-home.

While you could make informal arrangements with a friend or family member you trust, there would be no formal protection of the money you would leave behind for your pet’s care. Even if you were to implicitly trust your guardian of choice, money you were to leave for your pet’s care informally could be subject to seizure should they encounter tax or legal troubles depending upon how it is held.

Does a pet trust need to be updated if I get a new pet?

Language may be included to cover pets joining the family after the creation of the trust. However, it is wise to seek legal advice for your specific circumstances; Michelle Hopkins is ready to discuss your pet trust questions.

How long does a pet trust last?

A pet trust begins to take effect upon execution, then ceases to exist upon the death of the last animal that it was established for. In the event that there is money remaining after your pet passes away, you may bequeath it as you wish. Michelle Hopkins is ready to discuss your pet trust questions.

Why trust The Hopkins Law Firm to establish my pet trust?

The Hopkins Law Firm is made up of animal lovers! Michelle Hopkins has two boxers, Bella and Braxton, and an Italian greyhound, Beckett, who are incredibly loved and valued not only by her family, but by her legal team. They come to work with her most days, boosting morale of the team and offering comfort to clients in tough situations.

Paralegals Sydney and Brenna also have dogs they love. You can be assured that the members of the Hopkins Law Firm team will do their best with your pet trust, because the pets they love inspire them to help the pets of clients.

When you come to the office to finalize your pet trust, Bella, Braxton and Beckett may be there to assist with the signing!

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Life is unpredictable; having a plan in place for your pets in the event that you are unable to care for them is crucial. Michelle Hopkins and her legal team are ready to help you get a trust in place for the care of your pets. Contact her office at or 571-248-2210 to schedule a consultation today.

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