When seeking legal counsel, you will find a plethora of lawyers available to you. Without a personal referral, how do you find the lawyer who best fulfills your legal needs? Here are some considerations to assist you as you narrow down your choices:

Practice Area

A lawyer’s practice area refers to which jurisdiction they practice in. For example, Michelle Hopkin’s office is located in Prince William County, Virginia, so most of her cases are in that jurisdiction. However, she works in adjacent counties such as Fauquier, Fairfax or Loudoun.

This matters as it relates to experience and cost:

Each county has their own processes, so retaining a lawyer who has experience working in the county your case has jurisdiction in matters because they will know the ins and outs of handling it.


The most important aspect of choosing your lawyer relates to their experience. The best lawyer for your case is the one who has seen it all and done it before; this experience is so valuable because they will know the best way to handle your case. They can tell you what verdict a Judge is most likely to order and what outcome you are most likely to receive; however there are never any assured outcomes. Their negotiation skills are top notch and can help you avoid a costly Court hearing by reaching settlement.

Of course, experience generally comes with higher cost, and everyone needs to start somewhere, or there would be no experienced lawyers. So if hiring the most experienced lawyer in a law firm is out of your budget, look for a law firm with younger associate attorneys. Their hourly rates are lower, and they have the experienced lawyers to discuss their cases with and mentor them as they work on yours. An associate attorney who previously worked as a paralegal, such as Sydney Remaily (currently a Juris Doctor) of The Hopkins Law Firm, is a huge asset, as they have had real life experience working under a variety of lawyers as they have worked through law school.


Your rapport with your lawyer matters, as you need to feel comfortable speaking with them. Especially in cases of divorce, there may be some sensitive information that you do not feel comfortable telling anyone, let alone those close to you. However, you cannot hold back information which may be pertinent in your case. Although it may be uncomfortable to share certain pieces of information, it may make a difference in the outcome of your case. Michelle Hopkins for example, has over fifteen years of experience in family law, so she has heard it all. Considering her experience, you may feel less inhibited to share the details of your case with her.

If you do not feel comfortable talking to your lawyer, that is a sign that they may not be the best to handle your case.


Legal matters may be complex, so a tenacious, persistent lawyer who is ready to  fight for your needs, to strategize and to do what whatever needs to be done is highly valuable. Some cases may be drawn out for years if the opposing party is not cooperative and your lawyer is not motivated to fight for you. Michelle Hopkins and her legal team have the tenacity you want in your corner.

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Tenacity and experience are a winning combination which you will find with Michelle Hopkins and her legal team. They are ready and waiting to assist you with your legal needs. Contact her office at or 571-248-2210 to schedule a consultation today.

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