Michelle Hopkins has experience representing spouses from a variety of family arrangements. Same sex couples and opposite sex couples deal with most of the same topics during the divorce process. However, there are some unique facets to same sex divorce cases. Let’s discuss:

Real Property

Any married couple who purchased real property during the marriage must address the disposition of those properties formally in a settlement agreement.


Ranging from commuter cars to “toys” such as boats or planes, any divorcing couple will have to formalize the disposition of these assets.


Joint checking and savings accounts, investment accounts and retirement accounts are subject to division in every divorce. The exact division of each account depends upon the length of the marriage and other circumstances, which Michelle Hopkins is able to provide insight upon during a consultation.

Custody and Visitation

Any children born to or adopted by the parties during a marriage must have a formal custody and visitation agreement in place before the divorce may be granted. Michelle Hopkins is highly experienced in providing custodial solutions that are tailored to each family’s unique needs.

Frozen Sperm, Eggs and Embryos

Some same sex couples may have been in the process of starting a family, or may have already started a family but have remaining sperm, eggs, and embryos. In some cases, one party may be interested in continuing to maintain preservation to have future children of similar familial heritage, while the other party has no interest in preservation. Michelle Hopkins is well versed in navigating these emotional dispositions.

Companion Animals

Some same sex couples may have adopted companion animals who they consider to be their babies. Michelle Hopkins is ready to assist clients in the process of deciding who maintains ownership of animal, or deciding a visitation schedule.

Mediated Agreement

Mediation is a lower cost and lower stress option to consider before proceeding with a formal Court trial. If the parties to a divorce cannot agree on the division or disposition of certain marital property or custody, Michelle Hopkins offers mediation services, or she may be retained by a client for advice during mediation. If you are in search of a mediator, be sure to include your partner on every communication with The Hopkins Law firm, as separate communication with either party by the mediator’s office is not permitted.


In the event that the parties to a divorce do not agree on the division or disposition of any of the custody, assets and debts involved in their divorce, Michelle Hopkins is prepared to fight for her client’s interests in Court.

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