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During separation and divorce, co-parenting is a common struggle for many parties. Getting into an initial rhythm and groove is difficult, and there may be periods of time wherein civility and conflict ebb and flow. Here are some basic guidelines for co-parenting that lawyers generally like clients to follow in anticipation of litigation: Communicate with […]


Many potential estate clients struggle with deciding if they need a simple Will or a Trust. Each document fulfills specific needs and is appropriate under different circumstances. Why a Simple Will? If you want to ensure that certain specific bequests are followed, execute a simple Will. A simple Will is most appropriate for: Individuals who […]

The Beginner’s Guide to Medical Decision Making in Virginia

Medical decisions and quality of life decisions should not be taken lightly; it is always wise to be prepared and ensure that you will be cared for according to your wishes. Whether you are unsure of where to begin, what to think about, or if you even need to formalize your wishes, Michelle Hopkins and […]

The Pandemic and The Hopkins Law FIrm, PLLC

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Few words strike as much dread in the hearts of men than these two: child support. But you do not need to fear, The Hopkins Law Firm is here! Here are the answers to the child support questions we are most frequently asked by potential clients: What does Virginia Law say about child support? According […]


A common concern when parties chose to separate and finalize their divorce is the payment of alimony or spousal support. Here are the answers to the questions Michelle Hopkins and her legal team are most commonly asked about alimony or spousal support: If I get divorced in Virginia will I have to pay alimony or […]


If you have estate work that was prepared a long time ago, it likely needs an update. Or perhaps you have not had any estate work prepared and do not know where to begin. Either way, The Hopkins Law Firm can help you with your needs. Michelle Hopkins and her team have experience preparing a […]

Selecting the Executor or Executrix of your Estate

When clients retain the firm’s services for the preparation of estate work, many struggle with the selection of their Executor or Executrix. If you are struggling with who to appoint, this article may assist you in making your selection. What Does It Mean To Be An Executor Or Executrix? The person who holds this title […]

When Is Settlement A Win In Divorce?

Divorce is not easy for anyone, especially when the matter is highly contentious. In these situations, the word “settlement” can sound like defeat, however, there are many cases when settling is the best option. Let’s discuss what situations make settlement a win: When Emotions are High Divorce is a stressful process; the mental and emotional […]

From The Desk Of Lindsay Sampson, Head Paralegal: Explaining Mediation to A 12 Year Old

Michelle Hopkins was participating in a mediation session for one of her clients when one of her children called the office asking for her. “Mom is in mediation so I cannot pull her out unless it’s an emergency. Are you okay?” I asked. As she is always inquisitive, I knew what was coming next: “What’s […]

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